Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Good Life ♥

What can I say? Bonnie and Camille design the sweetest fabrics and their new range The Good Life was on my must have list. It arrived last week and my excitement may have the postman thinking I'm insane but seriously, take a long moment and just look at this bundle; absorb all of its deliciousness:
Squeal! Its beyond all expectation, its absolutely stunning ♥ Generally I buy a few fat quarters or a Jelly Roll of each of their ranges because their fabrics work so well together. This is how I build up or re-stock my B&C stash after each project. Every now and then, I do treat myself to a FQ bundle to grab the whole range.
I've had months to plan and design ideas for this fabric but now that its here, I don't want to untie it. This is definitely going to sit on my studio shelf for awhile so I can admire it and pat it :)
I love all of the prints in this range and those colours are stunning. The navy fabrics are gorgoeus but OMG those aqua ones, come on guys, way too cute ♥
I could have been nice and untied the bundle to show you all the prints but I seriously can not bring myself to undo that tape :) If you want to see them all, you can go HERE and have a good look.
Now that meterage is available, I will order fabric for bindings etc. and that navy with the little white hearts is looking like a winner. I also love the red with the little white dot flowers ♥ Decisions!
When I do decide to untie this bundle, its going to make a gorgeous quilt but hey there's no rush right? I'm going to save it for that special project because that's what we do!
I hope today has been a sewing day for you. Next Monday I'm going to share photos of your Snowflakes. If you haven't sent me a photo yet please do, we would all love to see your work :)
Happy sewing :)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Jelly Roll Quilt

Saturday was the Fat Quarter Shop's first "Sew A Jelly Roll Day". What a great idea! We all love a pretty Jelly Roll, so I got back to work on a new quilt design:
I actually started this quilt weeks ago but it keeps getting pushed aside for other projects that are on a deadline. I'm using this lovely Colette Jelly Roll by Chez Moi and these prints are just stunning. I think my favorites are the paisley prints but I also love the those watercolours. Its a typical colour palette for me; its got my blues, greens and pinks and that lilac is just beautiful.
I'm a big fan of Chez Moi fabrics. They design such pretty fabrics and I used their Swanky range in my Teen Dreams quilt, quite a few years ago :)
So here's a little sneaky peek of what I'm working on. The Goshen Star block is a favorite of mine and this scrappy version is so pretty. Its partly paper pieced, so it takes a little longer but its fun to work on. I need to make a stack of these to complete this quilt and my pile is slowly growing.....slowly :)
My new design requires around 45 Jelly Roll strips so I had to add a few coordinating solid strips that I had in the scrap bag. It gives me more variety when constructing these scrappy blocks and its a great use of leftovers.
I've got a heap of trimming to do at some stage; my least favorite job but I'll pop on a DVD and whip through my stacks when everything is sewn.
I have a few different ideas to include in this pattern. At the moment I'm considering giving you two layout options (I'll only be sewing one) plus a bonus project to use some trimmings you will have in the alternate blocks. Its a little more work than usual but I like to give you good value for money with each pattern I produce.
I'm hoping that now I have this project back out on the sewing table and right in front of me, I can dig my teeth into it. I'm anxious to get it finished because it is a lovely design and it will be a gorgeous addition to my quilt pattern family. Now I have posted about it, it makes me more accountable so I really have no excuse :)
I'm off to sew up a few more blocks. I hope your spending your day at the machine too :)
Happy sewing :)

Friday, September 15, 2017

From One Mystery To An Enigma.....:)

A few weeks ago I received a lovely message from Suzanne. She had purchased a couple of my patterns and she wanted to show me how she used my Enigma mini quilt pattern and I just had to share this with you:
How awesome is that? A painted Enigma Barn Quilt. I didn't realise it was painted at first glance but isn't she clever? Such a pretty Barn Quilt and so unique. I love that she chose the same colour palette as my original mini and from looking in the background at that gorgeous quilt, I think Suzanne and I share similar colour tastes :)
I did a bit of enlarging and cropping of Suzanne's photos, just so you can see how perfect this is. She has done a fantastic job. I love it ♥
In Suzanne's own words, here is her painting process:

"Since you were so gracious to include an outline of the design with your pattern, I was able to go to Kinko's and blow it up 222% to fit my wood. I then applied three coats of white Kiltz exterior primer. Then I used watercolor wax free transfer paper to transfer the design to the wood. I used the green frog tape to tape off the sections and I used three coats of Ceramcoat patio paint. I chose not to put a sealer on it because I have found it yellows over time, plus if I need to touch it up in the future, I will not have to fight through the sealer to touch it up. I decided to hang this one inside and have finished the quilt that I had planned to make with that pattern for my daughter. I was able to make it twice the size because it was paper pieced and it turned out beautifully. Since I loved the color choices you made so much, I made another barn quilt that wasn't quite as difficult and have hung that on the front of my house. I'm not sure how well the Ceramcoat Patio Paint will weather, so this trial and error. There are tons of Barn Quilt tutorials on YouTube."- Suzanne

So there's another use for those colouring pages I include in my mini patterns, people! Just gorgeous. Its made me consider ordering some little fridge magnets using the diagrams from these mini quilt patterns. You can order the magnets HERE, if your interested.
Suzanne not only painted the design but she also made her own Enigma quilt, using her pattern enlargements:
Gorgeous isn't it? This one finishes at 27" square and Suzanne is using it as a wall hanging :)
It goes to show how versatile these mini quilt patterns are. I love bringing you a monthly mini because you can adapt them so easily by enlarging the pattern or making multiple blocks for a full sized quilt or as Suzanne has now shown us, they make fantastic painted Barn Quilts as well.
Suzanne also used the same colour palette for a Star Barn Quilt. Originally she painted Enigma to hang over her front door but she was worried about fading so she's keeping it inside and has hung this one instead. So pretty! I do love these colours :)
I think they are all awesome Suzanne ♥ Thanks so much for sharing them with me and allowing me to share them with my readers. It makes me happy to know that my pattern has been so versatile and you now have these gorgeous projects to admire. Well done and I cant wait to see what you do with your Electra pattern :)
Did you know the Fat Quarter Shop has declared September 16 its first "National Sew A Jelly Roll Day"?  How fun! I'm joining in with a new design which is already in progress. Next week I'll give you a sneak peek :)
Happy sewing :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lemon and Thyme Biscuits

My dad surprised me with a freshly picked bag of lemons the other day. Our tree had to be removed last summer and he's sharing his crop with us until our new tree grows......awww, he's adorable :)
His lemons are plump and juicy and perfect for my morning ritual of warm water and lemon juice but I also saved one to make a batch of  Lemon and Thyme Biscuits:
These biscuits are amazing; they are soft and buttery with a powerful punch of lemon and complimented with the earthy flavour of fresh thyme. Lemon and thyme are a classic flavour combination and in a biscuit, they are divine. A plate of these disappears fast in our house. Everyone loves them because they're full of flavour and they have that subtle hint of sweetness.
I love this recipe because its quick and easy and its all done in the Kitchenaid so the clean up is minimal. The dough is silky soft and easy to work with and there's no need for chilling or resting, just mix, roll, cut, sprinkle with some sugar and bake.
My recipe makes around 15 biscuits and they store well in an airtight container and are apparently great for freezing, so my girlfriend tells me. So make a huge batch if you like, to use up any excess lemons you may have in the fruit bowl.
Did you know that just thinking about a lemon can cause your salivary glands to activate? Your checking aren't you?? I love the sharp, tangy taste lemon leaves in your mouth. Its so refreshing and these biscuits will keep your mouth zinging for ages :)
These Lemon and Thyme Biscuits are perfect to enjoy any time of the day and they are a wonderful addition to the picnic basket so you can cleanse your palette as you feed your soul in the great outdoors.
I use fresh thyme in my biscuits but you can substitute it with dried thyme if that's what you have on hand. Reduce your quantity though, as dried thyme is more concentrated and potent. I'd suggest about a teaspoon would be ample.
So if I've made you salivate and you want to try these Lemon and Thyme Biscuits, you can download my recipe HERE or right click on the picture below and save it to your computer for later:
I hope you enjoy these biscuits as much as we do. I'm off to raid dads lemon tree again because one batch of these biscuits, is never enough :)
Happy baking :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Thank You ♥

Just a quick little post to thank you all of you for your lovely comments yesterday on my Mystery Sew Along. It appears I can keep a secret and it was a mystery right till the end YAY, goal achieved! Everyone seemed to have fun and we all got talking which was wonderful!
I've already seen a few Snowflakes pop up on social media and its makes me happy. Your versions are gorgeous and you have done a wonderful job :)
Please don't forget to send me a picture or two; I would love to put them all in a future post to share with everyone. I'll wait a couple of weeks before posting them, to give everyone time to finish their Snowflakes and send through some pics. :)
Last week was the best week ever. Thanks again my clever peeps ♥

Sunday, September 10, 2017

7 Day Mystery Sew Along- Day 7

Awww, its the last day of our Mystery Sew Along. Have you had fun so far? I really hope so, I've enjoyed having you sew along with me. Lets put this project together, shall we?
Firstly though, can I just apologize for some of the photos in this post. It was the darkest, wettest, coldest day when I took these and I swear out of the 200+ pictures I took that day, these were the best I could get. I did consider using diagrams instead but I'm keeping it real; some days, its an absolute nightmare taking pictures for the blog!
Anyhoo, you should have all your zip locks bags ready to go, so lets begin:
We will be constructing rows 1 and 5 in these first steps; both rows are identical but Row 5 is orientated as a mirror image in the final layout.
Step 1: To make Row 1, arrange 2 blocks from Day 4, 2 x white 5 1/2" squares from Day 6 and one block from Day 5, in the order shown in the photo above.
Step 2: Sew the blocks and white squares together to form one long row, pressing seams to the left of the row
Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 for Row 5.
Next we will be constructing rows 2 and 4; both rows are identical but Row 4 is orientated as a mirror image in the final layout.
Step 4: To make Row 2, arrange 2 x 5 1/2" white squares from Day 6, 2 blocks from Day 3 and one block from Day 2, in the order shown in the photo above.
Step 5: Sew the blocks and white squares together to form one long row, pressing seams to the right of the row.
Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for Row 4.
Step 7- Using the above photo for correct orientation and carefully matching all seams, sew together rows 1 and 2, along the long sides, pressing seams open.
Step 8- Using the above photo for correct orientation and carefully matching all seams, sew together rows 4 and 5, along the long sides, pressing seams open.
We're almost there. Any ideas what it is yet?? Of course you probably figured it out awhile back right? :)
Lastly we are constructing the centre row or Row 3; and this should be the last of your squares.
Step 9: To make Row 3, arrange 2 blocks from Day 5, 2 blocks from Day 2 and the block we made on  Day 6, in the order shown in the photo above.
Step 10: Sew the blocks together to form one long row, pressing seams to the left of the row.
Step 11- Using the above photo for correct orientation and carefully matching all seams, sew row 3 between the two units we made in steps 7 and 8, pressing the seams open, to yield one Snowflake which should measure 25 1/2" square.
And there you have it. Our semi- pixelated and super cute Snowflake. Well done, you made it, you have a quilt top. I'm so proud of you!!! Take a moment to enjoy what you have achieved so far this week. I hope you are happy with what you have sewn. When I think of snowflakes, I think of their soft, simple beauty and their delicate unimposing nature and I hope I have conveyed that in this design.
I designed this project to be used as a tablecloth for your coffee or dining table, during winter or Christmas, but you could also use it as a wall hanging, if you prefer.
We are not quite finished yet though, so here's how I finished my Snowflake tablecloth:
Here's a little recap of your finishing requirements. You will need:

  • 75cm (30') square of backing fabric and wadding
  • Quilting thread
  • 25cm (1/4 yd) bindings fabric

And now you are all set to finish off your Snowflake table cloth. Give your quilt top a good press and away we go :)

Basting and Quilting:

1. Lay the backing fabric, wrong side up on a flat surface and tape into position to secure.
2. Lay the wadding on top, smoothing out any wrinkles and then position the well pressed quilt top, on top, right side up.
3. Pin the three layers together if you are machine quilting or hand baste the three layers together if you are hand quilting.
4. Quilt as desired.
Have fun with the quilting. I did choose my all over FMQ flower design for the quilting because I love all the texture. Consider cross hatching the tablecloth, stippling or any other way you chose. There's no right or wrong way, just quilt it how you want to quilt it.
I chose a navy fabric for my bindings and they really frame the Snowflake. You could also use the blue fabric from your quilt top or any other fabric which suits your home decor. Audition a few options and see which you prefer.


1. Trim the excess backing and wadding, level with the quilt top.
2. From your binding fabric cut- 4 x 2 1/4" strips across the fabric width.
3. Sew the strips together, using diagonal seams to form one long strip.
4. Press in half lengthways and starting in the middle of one side of the quilt, sew bindings to the quilt front, raw edges together, mitring the corners as you go and trimming the excess.
5. Turn bindings to the wrong side of the quilt and slipstitch into place to secure.
6. Add a quilt label and enjoy your new table cloth :)
And that's it! Your Snowflake tablecloth is complete! 
Thank you sooooooo much for sewing along with me for the last 7 days! I love my new tablecloth and I hope you do as well. I've really enjoyed putting this project together and I hope its felt like I have been right next to you, cheering you along as you have sewn each step!
Can I please ask one teeny tiny little favour? Could you email me a picture of your finished Snowflake's and I'll put them all together in a future post to share with everyone.
If you have missed any of the installments as we have sewn along together, the links to each day are all together HERE and will remain on my blog indefinitely.
That's it for me :)
Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥

Saturday, September 9, 2017

7 Day Mystery Sew Along- Day 6

Its Day 6 of my Mystery Sew Along. This week has really flown and I hope you having fun. Its a very easy sewing day today so you will have heaps of time to find more projects to sew this National Sewing Month. Have you looked at FaveQuilts and AllFreeSewing yet? Pop on over for heaps of lovely inspiration :)
The "Homework Assignment" from yesterday was a quick and easy one, so here's a recap:
From your white fabric cut:

  • 8 x 5 1/2" squares
We wont be sewing with these today, so pop them straight into a ziplock bag marked Day 6, ready for tomorrow. Its also an ideal time to grab all of your bags and choose a binding fabric, so you are all prepared for the final post tomorrow. Exciting!
OK, lets get to today's sewing and you will need the remaining 10 units from Day 1 to complete your block (this bag should now be empty and ready to reuse).
Step 1: Arrange the 10 units, alternating their placement, into two sets of five units as shown in the photo above.
Step 2: Carefully matching the centre seams, sew each set together, along the long sides and pressing seams in the same direction to yield two units which should each measure 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" when complete.
You will need the blue and white unit you made on Day 2 (the one pictured above) to complete the next step.
Step 3: Carefully matching all seams, sew one of these units to the top and bottom of the unit made on Day 2, pressing seams open to yield one block which should measure 5 1/2" square when complete.
And that's it! Your last block is complete and all of your spare units should now be sewn :)
Tomorrow we can put this quilt top together but I have one last "Homework Assignment" for you:
Sooooo, its not really an assignment, just more of a suggestion to remember to pamper yourself every now and again. I don't know about you but I forget to take time out for myself. A gentle reminder makes all the difference. Print this assignment and leave it on the fridge to remind you to take some time just for you!!!
You guys have earned a mini pamper this week. You have stuck with me for 6 days, sewn what I told you to sew and been very, very productive. Great job ♥
One more sleep and this mystery project will be revealed, unless of course you have already guessed it but I'm not sure anyone has yet!
Cya tomorrow :)
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